Who are we?

The original idea, as well as the initial database of the different projects, were those of Jesús Pena (USC). The re-conversion of the BDME into a web application (https://bdme.iatext.es/bdme) was carried out at the USC under the direction of Jesús Pena, with funding from three research projects, in which the following individuals were involved:

(a) On the linguistic side: María José Rodríguez Espiñeira (2009-2016), Mar Campos Souto (2009-2016), Antonio Rifón Sánchez (2009-2016), Yolanda Iglesias Cancela (2011, 2013-2018), Yolanda López Arca (2011-2015), Mª del Carmen Méndez Santos (2015).

(b) On the IT side: Elsa Cebreiro Quireza (2009-2011), Lucía Pereiro Villaverde (2011), Antonio Mosquera González (2009-2011), David Iglesias Fraga (2011-2012), Ana Bautís Nieto (2014-2015), José Francisco Lorenzo Hernández (2017-2018), Orlando Belloch Díaz (2019-2020).

Since 2017, the updating of programs that manage the BDME and the remodelling of the visualization tool has been carried out in the Division of Computational Linguistics and Applications of the Institute for Analysis and Textual Applications (IATEXT), University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Due to the linking of BDME with NDHE, directed by José Antonio Pascual, the Spanish Royal Academy has signed a collaboration agreement (RAE-USC-ULPG, 2017/2020). Representing the USC, the linguistic component is coordinated by Jesús Pena and María José Rodríguez Espiñeira; representing the División of Computational Linguistics of IATEXT, the IT component is coordinated by Francisco Javier Carreras Riudavets.

Dedication: Jesús Pena Seijas (May 6, 1947 - October 28, 2021) dedicated his life to researching the lexical morphology of Spanish, a work that he carried out with great dedication, he was a perfectionist and studious. The result of this great effort is the BDME, which later became the current Web platform for the morphogenetic study of the Spanish lexicon, which has made its magnificent work available to the public.

Edition place (ISSN 2660-7190)

  • Universidad de Santiago de Compostela - USC (España)
  • Instituto Universitario de Análisis y Aplicaciones Textuales - IATEXT
    Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - ULPGC (España)